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Alok Palak seeds


Alok Palak seeds are the seeds of a particular type of spinach that is referred to as Palak in India. This variety is well-known for its fragrant pods and strong seeds. The smooth, glossy, green pods have a surface that waves in and out. Alok Palak has a good yield potential. Growing in Kharif, Rabbi, and Summer, among other seasons, Alok Palak is a multipurpose type that takes around 60 days to mature. It is well-known for its health advantages and antioxidant qualities, making it appropriate for both commercial farming and backyard gardening.

 Country of Origin India
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Product Specification


Plant Type Alok Palak Seed
Brand Alok
Common Name Palak (Spinach)
Seed Type Vegetable
Colour Green


Technical Specifications


First Harvest 30-35 days after Transplanting
Fruit Length ‎12-15cm
Fruit Weight 100-110 grams
Sowing Season Kharif, Rabbi, and Summer, among other seasons
Country of Origin India



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