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  • Good plant stand.
  • Medium Green 15*1.2cms fruits and having dense bearing.
  • Early and good yielding.
  • Deep bright red dry with med wrinkled (150-160 ASTA).
  • Medium pungent (35000-40000 SHU).
  • Yield – 12 to 15 MT/acre In green fresh and 1.5 to 2 MT in Red dry ( depending on season and cultural practice)

Recommended States For Cultivation Under Normal Agro Climatic Conditions In:

Kharif MH, MP, GJ, KA, AP, TN, TS, RJ, PB, HR, UP, WB, OD, AS, HP, NE, JH
Rabi AS, TP, KA, MP, GJ, RJ, UP, TN


Seed Rate/ Sowing method- line sowing with row to row and plant to plant distance/ direct sowing

  • Seed Rate: 80g – 100g per acre.
  • Sowing: Prepare the raised bed of 180x90x15cm, for 1acre 10 to 12 beds are required. Nursery should be free from weeds and debris. Line sowing is recommended.
  • Distance between two row: 8-10 cm (4 fingers) apart,
  • Distance between seed to seeds :3-4 cm ( 2 fingers),
  • Seeds are sown in line at 0.5-1.0 cm deep
  • Transplanting: Transplanting should be done @ 25-30 days after sowing.
  • Spacing: Row to Row and Plant to Plant – 75 x 45 cm or 90 x 45 cm

Fertilizer dose with timing

  • Total N:P:K requirement @ 150:80:100 kg per acre.
  • Dose & Timing: Basal Dose: Apply 50% N and 100% P, K as basal dose during final land preparation.
  • Top Dressing: 25% N at 30 days after sowing and 25% N at 50 days after sowing.


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