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Pahuja Hybrid Cucumber seeds


Pahuja Hybrid Cucumber seeds are a high-quality type that is perfect for growing. This cucumber seed has outstanding characteristics, such as a short flowering period of 30–35 days and the ability to yield 10–15 dark green fruits per plant. Ultimately the Pahuja Hybrid Cucumber Seed is becoming a popular option for producers seeking superior cucumbers for the fresh market.

Country of Origin India
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Product Specification

Plant Type Hybrid Cucumber Seed
Brand Pahuja
Variety F1 Hybrid
Colour Green/ Dark Green
Item Weight ‎10 gram


Technical Specifications

First Harvest 50-55 days
Fruit Length ‎25-28 cm
Fruit Weight 100-110 grams
Sowing Season AP, AS, BR, CG, GJ, HR, JH, KA, MP, OD, PB, RJ, TS, TN, UK, UP, & WB. 
Country of Origin India



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