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Trimurti Cucumber Seeds – TMCU 3102


TMCU 3102 cucumber seeds were created especially for the fresh market. After planting, it usually produces female flowers in 30 to 35 days. These cucumbers have dimensions of 18–20 cm in length, 4-5 cm in diameter, and 180–200 g in weight. The first fruits are ready to pick around 40-45 days after planting, making this variety a speedy and productive choice for gardeners searching for high-quality cucumbers for the market.

Country of Origin India
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Product Specification


Plant Type Cucumber Seed
Brand Trimurti
Variety TMCU 3102
Colour Green/ Dark Green
Sunlight Exposure ‎Full Sun
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Item Weight ‎10 gram


Technical Specifications

First Harvest 42-45 Days
Fruit Length ‎18-20 cm
Fruit Diameter 4-5 cm
Fruit Weight 180-200 g
Expected Planting Period ‎Summer
Country of Origin ‎India
Suitable Regions AP, AS, BR, CG, GJ, HR, JH, KA, MP, OD, PB, RJ, TS, TN, UK, UP & WB




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