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GS-10 Pea seeds, the medium-tall plant type, well-spread lateral branches, and 9–10 seeds per pod make them a popular choice among farmers. The plant is resistant to powdery mildew, which is a common problem in pea farming. The average yield of GS 10 Pea Seeds is 4-6 tons/acre, and they require a spacing of 60 cm [row to row] x 10 cm [plant to plant] and 30 cm [row to row] x 10 cm [plant to plant]. The seeds have a germination rate of 80–90% and take 80–85 days to mature.

Country of Origin India
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Product Specification

Plant Type GS-10 Pea Seed
Brand Advanta
Variety GS 10
Colour Green
Special Feature Tolerant to powdery mildew


Technical Specifications

First Harvest 60-65 days after Transplanting
No. of Seeds per Pod 9-10
Texture of Seeds Green, tender & very Sweet
Row Spacing 30-60 cm
Plant to Plant Spacing 10 cm
Seed Rate 4-6 ton/acre
Germination Rate 80-90%
Growing Period May-June, September- October & April-March
Country of Origin India


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