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VNR Bottle gourd seeds


VNR Bottle Gourd Seeds are a high-quality F1 hybrid variety noted for their excellent properties. These seeds produce elongated, green bottle gourds that are 35-40 cm long and 7-9 cm wide, weighing between 1 and 1.25 kg. The seeds have high germination rates and are resistant to viruses, ensuring a profitable harvest.

Country of Origin India
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  • Product Specification
    Plant Type VNR Bottle Gourd Seed
    Brand VNr
    Variety Sarita
    Colour Green
    Shape Bottle/ Elongated
    Item Weight ‎50 gram


    Technical Specifications

    First Harvest 60-65 days
    Seed Rate 0.8-1.5 Kg per Acre
    Sowing Distance Between Row/Ridges 5-8 Feet
    Sowing Distance Between Plants 2-3 Feet
    Fruit Length ‎35-40 cm
    Fruit Width 7-9 cm
    Fruit Weight 1-1.25 Kg
    Country of Origin ‎India
    Suitable Regions UP, MH, AP & TS



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