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Star 444 Green Gram seeds


Star 444 Green Gram seeds are special! They grow into plants that give us tasty and nutritious green grams, full of protein and other good stuff. These seeds are made using old and new farming methods, creating a strong and healthy crop. The seed rate for these seeds is around 6-8 kg per acre, with a germination rate of 75 to 80%. From planting the seeds to eating the green grams, they’re more than just food – they’re a symbol of how farming can make the world a better place.

 Country of Origin India
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Product Specification

Plant Type Star 444 Green Gram Seed
Common Name Green Gram/Moong
Brand Star agriseeds
Variety Star 444
Colour Green
Rich Source Protein, fibre & Iron


Technical Specifications

First Harvest 60-65 days after Transplanting
Plant Height ‎50-60 cm
Growth Habit Erect, Semi Spreading
No. of Grains per Pod 13-15
Texture of Pods Shiny, Glossy & Bold Grains
Row Spacing 22-30 cm
Plant to Plant Spacing 7-10 cm
Sowing Season Kharif and Summer crop
Suitable Soil Well drained loamy to Sandy Loam Soils
Unsuitable Soil Saline & Water logged Soil
Country of Origin India


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