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VNR Sponge gourd seeds


High-quality black-seeded hybrid VNR Sponge Gourd Seeds are distinguished by their dark green, cylindrical fruits. Farmers and gardeners favour these seeds because of their well-known extremely high production potential. These seeds mature quickly 50 to 55 days and yield fruits that are 20 to 25 cm in size. The exceptional production and quality of VNR Sponge Gourd Seeds make them ideal for use in commercial farming as well as domestic gardens.

Country of Origin India
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Product Specification

Plant Type VNR Sponge Gourd Seed
Brand Alok
Variety Alok
Colour Dark Green
Shape Cylindrical/ Long
Item Weight ‎50 gram


Technical Specifications

First Harvest 40-45 days
Seed Rate 0.8-1.5 Kg per Acre
Sowing Distance Between Row/Ridges 5-8 Feet
Sowing Distance Between Plants 2-3 Feet
Fruit Length ‎20-25 cm
Fruit Width 3-4 cm
Fruit Weight 100-150 grams
Sowing Season January- February & June-July
Country of Origin India



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